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Ready to take your canine companion to the next level? This course is designed to help you increase your dog's obedience training through learning advanced skills and tricks. At the end of this fun course you will have an even more obedient canine companion with a few tricks under your belt to show to friends and family.

At the last class meeting, please feel free to invite your friends and family for an amazing time of fun. We will be using all of our skills to overcome some exciting challenges. After the games and demonstrations for the audience, we will have a time to celebrate with cookies and punch for your and your canine companion. Then wrap up the session with a graduation ceremony!

Sign up today to have a great time training your dog while having fun learning how to increase their skills.

Session 1
Trick Heeling Intro with Mush, Slow, & Back Up
Spin &Twist
Shake & High Five
Leave It & Take It

Session 2
Front & Load Up
Come with Alternate Motivators (Toys, Touch, & Praise)
Building a Retrieve Drive
Crawl & Bang
Duration Stay Techniques

Session 3
Sign To Train Game Review
Sit Pretty (Stays)
Balance Treat(Stays)

Session 4- Graduation Game Day
Musical Stays
Retrieve Minute to WIn It!
Water Relay
Recall Races
Advanced Companion Classes
6-week Course, 1-hour classes
Cost: $185*

Next Class
Starting September 29th at 7:45 p.m.
(Basic Companion Prequisite)
Class Location
Hearts and Paws
Training Center
13291 Pond Springs Road
Austin, TX 78729