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Gameskills (with C.G.C)

Paw Trek

Adventure Classes

Skills for the outside world...

Agility- A dog sport where a handlers and dogs navigate an obstacle course together.

Gameskills- Teach your dog more advanced obedience skills while playing fun training games.

Paw Trek- Go on adventure with your dog to places all over Austin and learn how to control them in public areas.

What makes Hearts and Paws Training Programs Successful:
  • Indoor Climate-Controlled Classroom - Poor weather conditions do not delay our schedule nor cause discomfort to you and your dog.. We also have an outdoor area to train for distractions and agility.
  • Small Student to Teacher Ratio - We limit our classes to eight dogs with family members (6 years and older) with two instructors.
  • Child Friendly - Many dog training programs prohibit children from participating. Hearts and Paws understands that your dog is a family member and child participation in learning training skills enhance the whole family dynamic. We also offer "Club Pup" summer camps just for kids.
  • Reward Based System - These motivational methods are easy to implement and do not require force and fear of punishment to get results. In addition, they are based on proven learning techniques of operant and classical conditioning. Also, you as the trainer, are rewarded for participation, punctuality, and practice with "canine quarter" coupons worth cash value towards supplies and services.
  • Repeating a Class - For some, the option of more practice with a group reinforces your basic skills. Once enrolled in a class, you may repeat any or all units for up to six months at no additional charge. Upon completing a class, you receive a $10 gift certificate towards any future classes.