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Beginning Group Classes
What makes our Group Classes Training Program successful?
Indoor Climate-Controlled Classroom
Small Student-to-Teacher Ratio - We limit our classes to ten dogs with family members (6 years and older).
Child-Friendly - We understand that your child participation in learning training skills enhance the whole family dynamic.
Reward-Based System - Easy to implement and does not require force and fear of punishment to get results.
Repeating a Class (Basic Companion class only) - Upon completing a class, you will receive a $10 certificate for any future class.
Play Groups - Our Puppy Start class includes a socialization time for friendly puppies.
We use humane, effective Positive Reinforcement training methods that make training enjoyable for you and your pup!
PUPPY START: 2 to 4.5 months old
PUPPY START CLASS is designed to maximize the learning process for puppies at the age when they are most influenced by their environmental and social experiences.
  • Common puppy issues like chewing, nipping and jumping
  • Attention, Sit, Down, Come-When-Called
  • Calmly accepting handling
  • Socialization with dogs and people, exposure to novel objects, sights and sounds
  • We require proof of your puppy's vaccinations. You can upload a copy through our client portal or bring a paper copy to the first class with you.
  • Puppies can start class one week after receiving their first set of vaccinations.
PRICE: $175        LENGTH: 6 weekly 1-hour classes
BASIC COMPANION: 5 months old and up
BASIC COMPANION CLASS focuses on skills essential for a happy, well-behaved dog.
AGE: 5 months and up (or completion of Puppy Start Class)
  • How Dogs Learn
  • Attention to Name
  • Sit, Sit-at-Side and Down
  • Come When Called
  • Walk on Loose Leash
  • Go to Place
  • Fading Food Rewards    
PRICE: $175        LENGTH: 6 weekly 1-hour classes