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Club Pup Kids and Dogs Camp

"The dog was created especially for children. He is the god of frolic!" -Henry Ward Beecher

The relationship of a child with their dog can teach so much about respect, discipline, communication, and responsibility. Hearts and Paws Club Pup Kids Camps create an atmosphere to:
  • strengthen the relationship between the child and their dog.
  • instruct how the dog’s mind perceives the world physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • impart skills necessary to work with dogs as a serious hobby or potential career.
  • encourage creativity, problem solving, and teamwork through group projects and games.
Activities are held in spacious indoor, air-conditioned training areas as well as a large, outdoor agility field. Teams are put together according to age with appropriate challenges.

Summer Camps Details & Schedules

Companion Camp: Level One

For first-time campers (ages 9-16) 

In Companion Camp you'll: 
Explore your dog's five senses. Learn the different ways your dog's ears, eyes and awesome nose affect their perceptions in daily life.
Teach your dog essential training skills: Sit, Stand, Down, Stay, Wait-at-Doors, Come-When-Called, Loose Leash Walking
Be Introduced to Agility Training Obstacles: Jumps,Tunnels, A-frame, Dog Walk, Chute, and Tire Jump.
Learn how to keep your dog clean and healthy through brushing and bathing.

Understand Human-to-Dog Body Language: Dog signals that show friendliness, fear, stress, and relaxation as well as human signals that will relax or stress dogs.
Discover and identify different dog breeds and characteristics.
Perform fantastic tricks and show off your dog's style in our Costume & Trick Showcase.
Express your creativity in our Doggie Arts and Crafts, Camp Picture, and Dog Safety Certificate.
Upon Completion Campers receive:  Certificate of Completion, Camp T-shirt and Group Picture
Price: $450

Gameskills Camp: Level Two

For campers & dogs who have completed our Companion Camp (ages 9-16)

In Gameskills Camp you'll:
Navigate your walking skills through the Water Relay, win it all at the Recall Doggie Race Track
Persevere in the Down Stay Lifeline
Use your knowledge to gain huge rewards in Dog Jeopardy
Take your dog to the next level in Agility with the See Saw, Weave Poles and Wing Jumps
Sequence multiple obstacles in a row
Practice Super Stays for up to minutes with distraction.
Rescue Recall- teach your dog to find you out of sight!
Use Toys, Touch and Events as rewards
Stretching and Massage techniques to relax and prevent injury
Advanced Tricks and Skills like those used in the movies!
Overview of various Dog Sports
Team building skills using Improv techniques and create an original skit to showcase your whole teams talents and creativity for the Parent Showcase.
Upon Completion Campers receive: Certificate of Completion, Camp T-shirt and Group Picture
Price: $450

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Club Pup Camp with questions?
The best way is to email us with your questions at clubpupcamps@heartsandpaws.com

What are the camp hours?
Days: Monday thru Friday
Camp Starts: 8:00 am        Camp Ends: 3:00 pm  Drop offs: between 7:30-7:50 am

Please let us know if you need pick up earlier for an urgent reason. The afternoon activities are designed around team efforts and missing members affect the outcome.

If I need to pick up my child after 3:00 pm, do you provide aftercare?

We offer aftercare when requested, please note it must be pre-arranged and pre-paid.
Hours available: 3:00-5:00 pm Mon-FriCost: $10 per hour

What about lunches and snacks?
Lunches: Campers bring their own lunches Mon - Thurs.
Snacks: Hearts and Paws provides juice, water and healthy snacks for morning and afternoon breaks.  Hearts and Paws provides pizza and soft drinks for lunch on Friday.

How much does camp cost?
Cost for week of camp: $450
Payment in full or a $175 deposit is required to secure your place in camp after registration. If paying the deposit, balance is due 3 weeks before the start of camp. Returning Camper/Sibling receives an additional $25 discount per camp.

What is the Refund Policy?    Deposits are non-refundable within 4 weeks of camp start unless the slot can be filled.

How old does my dog need to be to attend camp?    
Dogs must be 4 months or older at the start of camp to participate.

If we don't have a dog, can my child still attend camp?
Yes, if your family doesn't have a dog or your dog is unable to attend camp, we can arrange a dog for your child to "borrow" for camp!

Mandatory Orientation for all camps!

Campers must attend an orientation with their dogs, including campers and dogs who have been to camp previously. Campers who will be borrowing a dog, don't have to bring a dog.

The purpose of this orientation is to:
  • Assess the dog's temperament in a group
  • Assess the dog’s physical ability to participate in the activities
  • Discuss safe handling techniques and dog body language
  • Present equipment needs
  • Sign Medical Release Form
If your personal dog is possibly not physically or socially suited for camp, we can provide a dog for your camper to train. We will notify you of orientation times and dates after application and deposits are received. Orientations are usually held on Saturday afternoons in groups of ten and take approximately one hour. Dogs must be 4 months or older at the start of camp to participate.  Summer camps fill up quickly so register your camper as soon as possible!

Have Hearts - Have Paws - Have Fun!