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Dogs 5 months and up

Training your dog is a new experience for most of our students. We encourage family participation of all members 6 years and older. Our Basic Companion Classes meet weekly in our indoor classroom. Classes are limited to 12 students with two instructors.

Each week focuses on 1 - 2 specific exercises, gradually building your dog’s attention with increased distractions. Our format utilizes "instructional games," rather than boring drills. The last class is a Party! You will enjoy punch and cookies, your dogs will munch down on special treats, both you and your dog will play team games together, and all trainer/dog teams receive a completion certificate.

All of our programs include a socialization time for friendly puppies and dogs. Dogs/puppies are separated by size when necessary. Dogs who are nervous or stressed can receive special help outside class with the goal of integration when they are ready. We also offer daycare and boarding to supplement your dog's social and exercise needs. Following is a description of our class units:

Session 1
How Dogs Learn
Body Language
Attention to name
Sit instead of jumping up

Session 2
Sit-at-Side for Greeting and Waiting at door
Come when Called (short distance)
Stand for Grooming and Veterinary Exams
Calmly Accepting Handling

Session 3
Sit for approaching person(s)
Come when Called (longer distance)
Wait at door
Walk on loose leash
Shake/High Five

Session 4
Walk with outside distractions
Come when called with outside distractions
Touch as Reward
Bed Stay
Play Dead/Roll Over

Session 5
Sit-at-Side for approaching person and dog
Bed Stay with distractions
Interactive games as Rewards
Come from distance with distraction
Fading Food Rewards

Session 6 - Graduation
Play games using obedience skills
Cookies and Punch
Biscuits and Prizes for Dogs
Certificate of Completion

*Cost: $185 - includes a $10 coupon upon graduation for next-level training classes
Companion Classes
6-week Course, 1-hour classes
Cost: $185*

Next Classes
Starts October 12th at 7:45 p.m.

Starts October 28th at 7:45 p.m.

Starting October 3rd at 10:45 a.m.
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