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Brian Hare Seminar - February 28 & March 1

Dr. Brian Hare
Chief Science Officer, Canines, Inc.
Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, Canines Inc.
Associate Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, Duke University

Dr. Brian Hare received his Ph.D. from Harvard and is a member of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, which is a division of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences. His publications on dog cognition are among the most heavily cited papers on dog behavior and intelligence. He has appeared on numerous shows including Nova and National Geographic and is the found of Dognition: A revolutionary, interactive way to better understand your canine companions and at the same time contribute to the study of canines!

Seminar Schedule

WHEN: Friday, February 28 and Saturday, March 1
WHERE: The Austin Vineyard Church, 13208 Morris Road, Austin, TX 78729

Friday 5:30 - 7:00 pm:
Reception - Cost: $30 (Limited enrollment - Registration for Lecture Required)
  • Come enjoy some great food, drink, meet other attendees and Brian Hare!

Friday 7:30 - 9:30 pm:
Lecture with Q&A - Cost $50

Saturday 8:30 am - Noon:
Workshop - Cost $80 (Registration to Friday Lecture Required)
  • Have you ever wondered which training technique works best? Is there a burning question about your dog's mind that you would to answer with science? This is your chance. Dr Brian Hare, dog expert, scientist, and dog lover will be hosting a workshop where you learn how to design a fun game that will experimentally test a hypothesis. This is the same method that leading scientists use to understand how dogs think. Based on cutting edge science, this workshop will allow you to unlock the secrets, not only of your dog's mind, but of any dog you work with.

NOTE: If you register for all three events, you will receive a $10 discount (Total $150)

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