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The #1 cause of death for dogs in the United States is due to behavioral--not medical--problems. Most of the dogs given up to shelters and euthanized are healthy adolescent dogs between the ages of 6-18 months with problems that have simple solutions.

To arrest this tragic cycle, Hearts and Paws offers a two-hour lecture (people only) on strategies for managing and eliminating common behavior problems such as chewing, housetraining, digging, jumping, barking, and more. This program includes demonstrations and written hand-outs. Whether it's dealing with the perils of puppyhood chewing and house-soiling, adolescent independence and rambunctiousness, or the rescue/adoption of an adult companion, this course is a must!

Home Manners classes are held once a month, usually on Saturday afternoons. This informative class is FREE to the public and is highly recommended for pet owners as well as veterinarians, vet techs, or anyone who works with dogs.
Date: April 7th at 2:00 PM
Class Location
Hearts and Paws
Training Center
13291 Pond Springs Road
Austin, Texas 78729