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Nosework Classes

Nosework is a growing sport for dog enthusiasts with multiple organizations offering the chance to compete for titles. The goal of this eight week class is to lay the foundations of all canine scent detection by developing the dog’s indication to odor. Over the course of this class, the dogs will learn the target odors used in competition, work on developing and refining an indication to the odor, and we will end the course by working on the skills necessary for a
novice-level container search. No prior experience with scent work is necessary.

Participants will be provided with all the practice tools they need to successfully practice at home including an odor cocktail and a practice box to use at home. Home practice will be encouraged to help dogs master the techniques learned in class.

PRICE: $200    LENGTH: 1 hour class per week (8 weeks total)
The Advanced Nosework Class is the next step for dogs who have finished the Introduction to Nosework Class and is open to all dogs with prior experience in nosework. This class will expose dogs to all elements present in competition (interiors, exteriors, containers, buried hides, and vehicles). Students will work on refining their handling techniques, learn about the rules of competition, and will gain a better understanding of their dog’s response to odor while
searching. This fast paced class will help handlers and dogs achieve the confidence and technical skills necessary to compete in scent work.

PRICE: $200    LENGTH: 1 hour class per week (8 weeks total)