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Hearts and Paws Dog Camp!

The most PAW-erful dog training camp to help your dog learn while they stay for boarding or daycare and we train!

Programs for every dog and family

3-week Super Dog Camp:

Turn your dog from an ordinary pup to extraordinary canine in three weeks at Super Dog Camp! Here we will teach your dog the basics from start to finish. Sit, stand, down, come when called, walking on loose leash, bed stay, polite greeting behavior, and more. Every camp program is designed for each individual dog to fit your needs. Every dog needs different skills and we are here to design the best camp experience for them!
Price: $2,200 ($150 off if signed up with two dogs)

  • 3 weeks of Boarding (4 Play Sessions per day)
  • 3 weeks of Training (2 Training Sessions per day)
  • Initial Assesment Lesson to customize your program.
  • 2 update visits (come and see how your dog is doing in training)
  • In-Home Exit Lesson to transfer skills in your environment.
  • Weekly Updates of your canine companion to keep you informed of their progress.
  • Includes Customized Instructional DVD featuring your canine companion to help you review skills at home.
  • Follow Up Lessons if needed within the the first month of your dog's return to your home.

Touch Up Camp:

So your dog has been through some training and does not need the full three weeks ... no problem! If you are going on vacation or just want your companion(s) to come for the day and do not want your dog's training to go out the doggie door, have them come stay-and-train with us! We can train your dog while you're having fun at the beach or off to work for the day. Just tell us what you need specifically for us to work on and we will work on it while you are gone.
  • Training while Daycare or Boarding: $45*
  • Exit lessons: $50* (Note: Exit lesson is required for dogs that have not done training classes with us before.)

​*Additional to the Boarding or Daycare fee

One on One Training Lessons: