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Camp Health and Safety Protocols
Summer is right around the corner, and a big part of Hearts and Paws is our Summer Kids Camp - Club Pup. We want to give an update on Kids Camp this summer.
After much thought and planning we have decided we definitely are having Club Pup Camps.  We are making this decision with additional precautions in mind amidst the current Covid 19 pandemic. There will be some additional protocols to install for health and safety, which we will be explained further in this email.  If you were considering registering for camp and are still interested, there are several spots open in July. This year our camps have a maximum capacity of 14 campers, due to recent guidelines encouraging smaller groups.
We are also preparing a video to be sent to help those who are first time campers/parents to see the facility as well as reminders to all parents and campers. This video will also cover our success guidelines “B.L.A.N.K.E.T.” to help you prepare for camp.  Our social interactions for safety will be demonstrated.
Even though we are preparing a video that can be viewed at your convenience, we will still need to meet with any dogs that are new to camp to assess their temperament and familiarize them to our facility with positive reinforcement. Sometimes on their first visit, dogs think they are going to the veterinarian and become stressed. At this time we will also fit your dog if necessary with a no-pull harness. These meetings will be scheduled in 30 minutes blocks on Saturday 2-5pm and Tuesdays 4-6pm with small groups of 3-4.  Please attend with only one adult per camper. It is essential you watch the orientation video before you schedule your visit with your dog.
Arrival Check-In and Social Distancing
The first change in our protocol is that instead of the parent bringing the child and dog into the building we will have a counselor meet you at your car to collect the camper and dog.  At this time we will also do a temporal thermometer scan of the camper to ensure they do not have a temperature.  Campers with their own dog will go into the door marked “Training”.  Campers borrowing a dog will go into the door marked “The Den” where they will meet their dog and get ready to go out to the agility field.  Counselors will be wearing masks during any close interaction such as collecting from the car and other situations where interaction closer than 6 feet is necessary.  We ask that campers have a bandana or face covering for certain segments of the camp interaction. We will not require the campers to wear one while training their dog as facial signals are important. Standard distance between dog/camper teams has always been at least 6 ft.
Hygiene and Sanitation
We know that proper hand washing and hygiene are one of the best ways to stay healthy. We have increased hand washing station areas to include two outdoor stations with water, soap and paper towels, in addition to the bathroom and kitchen area. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the training areas also.
Our reward system called “Canine Quarters” which was previously paper tickets, will be replaced with token poker chips which can be sanitized daily.
Counselors with gloves will hand out drinks, lunches, and a snack of the camper’s choice. Should a camper request additional snacks, they can be purchased with their  “Canine Quarters”. Campers will be required to bring their own water bottle with their name on it. Water coolers will be available to fill up throughout the day.
Each camper will have an assigned chair for daily use one inside and one outside and sanitized at the end of day.
Agility equipment, gates, door handles and chairs will be sanitized depending on use two or more times daily. We will also put in place sanitation procedures that will occur every evening after camp, and deep sanitation between camps.
Parent Involvement
At this time, due to the state and local guidelines limiting occupancy, parents are not going to be allowed to participate in camp as they were in years past. Should a camper with a medical condition require a parent’s presence, we will try to make any necessary accommodations to adjust our occupancy numbers to stay within the guidelines. Additionally, our Friday “Parent Showcase and Awards Ceremony” will now be professionally video taped to be available the following Monday. We will also have a staff photographer taking photos of all campers throughout the week, which will also be available the following Monday via secure website portal.
Thank you so much for your understanding during this challenging time. It is our wish that you, your camper and family can stay safe and healthy. We appreciate your continued support and staying with the “Hearts and Paws” family. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us.